Friday, June 24, 2016 by David Tuck The Weekly Snooze 24/06/16

Your weekly update of sleep, technology and wellness news from Leesa!

The Weekly Snooze 24/06/16

Your weekly update of sleep, technology and wellness news from Leesa!

Humans used to sleep in two shifts, and maybe we should do it again:

Nothing feels better than having a great 7 or 8 hours of quality sleep right? Wrong…Well, apparently. New research now points to the possibility that humans used to sleep in 2, 4 hour segments rather than one longer one, with a waking break in between. Whilst todays society doesn’t really allow for this kind of sleeping pattern, there is evidence to suggest that it helped our ancestors cognitive functions improve, as well as increasing their alertness and activeness. [Science Alert]

Senior Man Relaxing In Park With Grandchildren In Background


Getting to sleep in space is hard – and not exactly restful for the mind and body:

British astronaut, Tim Peak recently returned to earth to a heroes welcome, so whilst he is surely still making the most of every moment, he will be finding it a bit easier to drift off to sleep than at the International Space Station. This article from explains the difficulties for astronauts to fall asleep when in orbit, as opposed to the comparatively easy conditions on earth…So next time we complain about a restless night, spare a though for our off-world friends! []

High quality Earth image. Elements of this image furnished by


Suzy Snooze baby monitor uses light and sound to help children sleep:

Parents! If your kids are finding it hard to get to sleep and stay asleep, you may want to try the new Suzy Snooze baby monitor! Partnered with Mumsnet to create a baby monitor that also creates an ambient sleeping environment, we think this is a must have for any sleep weary parents! Take a look here and see what all the fuss is about.

Girl Sleeping On Bed


Jersey coastal landmark now open to sleep in:

After the EU referendum, it is possible that travelling abroad may become more expensive. However, for any holiday goers, don’t despair: Jersey’s La Rocco Tower, a famous lighthouse that has recently been redeveloped, has now opened as bookable accommodation!  The stunning tower in St Quen’s Bay sleeps up to 6 adults and is only accessible twice a day due to high and low tides! So for anyone wanting a historical, scenic trip, look now further! [ITV]

La Rocco Tower, St Ouens Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands


Republic of Ireland fans sing a baby to sleep with train lullaby:

Football fans often get a bad rep. This Year’s European Championship has been no exception, unfortunately, with too many cases of crowd violence and clashes with police. That is why we, like many others, were amazed and delighted to see the good old Irish fans doing their bit for improving their fans’ image across the world, by singing a local french baby to sleep on the train! Take a look at the heartwarming scenes here! [Telegraph]

Sportive man on green uniform


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