Friday, July 15, 2016 by David Tuck The Weekly Snooze 15/07/16

Your weekly update of sleep, technology and wellness news from Leesa!

The Weekly Snooze 15/07/16

Your weekly update of sleep, technology and wellness news from Leesa!

Could we one day heal the mind by taking control of our dreams?

People who have suffered psychological trauma often experience similar situations in their dreams, bringing back past traumas whilst asleep. For obvious reasons, this can often be incredibly damaging for the individual, however some recent case studies suggest that a type of semi-conscious dream state called “lucid dreaming” may be able to help reduce the frequency of these chronic nightmares, either as a stand alone treatment or alongside other psychotherapeutic approaches. The research in this area is still fairly new, but there is some evidence that lucid dreaming can be induced, potentially helping us understand past traumas and why they are still appearing in our consciousness whilst asleep, so whilst this may sound like the plot of Inception, it could be reality in the future! [The Conversation]

Dream catcher


9 things every athlete needs to know about sleep and recovery:

At Leesa, we often talk about the importance of sleep for athletic performance. We therefore love this list from Men’s Fitness  about 9 things all athletes should understand about using sleep as part of their regime to help get the best possible results! [Men’s Fitness]



ZEEQ Smart Pillow will stream music and monitor your sleep:

The last couple of years has really seen a boom in the smart tech industry, from wearables, to lamps, the list goes on! Now there is a new smart pillow available on kickstarter! The ZEEQ pillow is able to track and monitor your sleep patterns as well as stream music from various devices…The smart tech boom is really sleeping its way to success! [Slash Gear]

Young woman sleeping with pillow against wall


The 7 best apps to make you healthier:

As well as smart tech, there has been a huge growth in the number of apps available to help you get a healthier lifestyle. Check out this list of the 7 best apps for a healthy lifestyle from Tech Insider. [Tech Insider]

Fitness diet and nutrition smartphone app concept


Sleep under the stars in luxury with the UK’s most spectacular glamping sites:

Whilst the British summer is anything but predictable, many of us often enjoy quick camping trips to opposite ends of the UK. Glamping has become a firm favourite for many of us, with a slightly more comfortable take on traditional camping holidays. This list of the most spectacular glamping sites in the UK might just make you want to pile into the family car right away! So get your lunch boxes, get your windbreakers, get your wellies, and maybe…just maybe, your sunglasses as well! [Express]

 camping teepees

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