Thursday, July 28, 2016 by David Tuck The Travelling Snooze 28/07/16

A special travel-based edition of the Weekly Snooze

The Travelling Snooze 28/07/16

A special travel-based edition of the Weekly Snooze

As it is now well into summer, many of us will be looking forward to our summer holidays, if we haven’t already been! So for this week’s weekly snooze post we wanted to help out with some great travel-themed stories and tips to make sure you still get those zzz’s whilst you’re off exploring the world! Enjoy!


Beating Jet Lag:

A key part to getting any holiday abroad off to a good start is ensuring that you don’t arrive drained from the journey. “Circadian Rhythm Disorder” (or Jet Lag as most of us know it) often plays a big part in disrupting our sleep patterns on holiday after long journeys. Here are 8 great ways you can avoid Jet Lag and really make the most of your holiday, courtesy of Dr. Alon Avidan from UCLA. [Forbes]

Passenger Sleeping in an Aircraft Cabin Interior


Hotel Hacks when you’re abroad:

The next thing you do when arriving at your destination is usually checking into the hotel. Many of us have had at least one bad experience in a hotel, either with service, cleanliness or even the other guests! This guide from BT of 11 things to do when you arrive at the hotel can help ensure that you enjoy a pleasant stay at your hotel and avoid any bad memories! [BT]

Guest takes room key card at check-in desk of hotel


The London hotel where you can sleep in a Hogwarts dorm:

Sometimes lying awake at night trying to get to sleep we could all do with a quick spell to put us to sleep in seconds. Whilst this may sadly be an unachievable dream for us muggles, we can now still get a bit of the Hogwarts experience thanks to this brilliantly designed hotel in London!  So if you didn’t get your Hogwarts acceptance letter this year, have no fear…you can still sneak in for a quick spell induced snooze! [Telegraph]

Harry Potter Platform nine and three quarters with trolley


The adventure doesn’t have to stop! Heres how to travel with a baby:

Most of us try to travel as early as possible, whilst we are responsibility free and without kids to take care of. But does it have to be this way? This great piece from National Post gives some great ways to keep exploring the globe with baby in tow! [National Post]

Mother hold baby girl in backpack on waterfall background


Break your holiday sleep cycle:

So the holiday is over, weary and tired you arrive back home and climb into bed (on your Leesa mattress of course!) and realise with a sinking feeling that it is time to re-adjust back to reality. Whilst we can’t make up for the post holiday blues, we can at least show you this great list of ways to get back into your normal sleep cycle, meaning you are well rested and alert enough to start planning the next holiday!

Serene woman sleeping at night


Been away or going away this summer? Feel free to comment below if there is any sleep related advice we can give you to help out!


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