Friday, July 22, 2016 by David Tuck The Weekly Snooze 22/07/16

Your weekly update of sleep, technology and wellness news from Leesa!

The Weekly Snooze 22/07/16

Your weekly update of sleep, technology and wellness news from Leesa!

How to sleep in hot weather and other tips to stay cool:

This week has seen some of the hottest weather of the year in the UK, with temperatures rising up to 30 degrees in some areas. Whilst we often find ourselves yearning for this kind of weather, when it actually arrives, us brits do love a good moan about how impossible it is to function or even sleep in this heat! Although we seem to be coming out of the mini heat wave, in case it creeps back up on us, check out these tips from BBC on how to keep cool and sleep in the hot weather. [BBC]

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Use your next holiday to fix your bad sleep habits:

With summer in full flow, many of us also like getting away from everyday life with a nice holiday to relax. A lot of us see this as a great chance to catch up on sleep, however, new research shows that this may not be possible. A study from the University of Eastern Finland claims that if people are sleep deprived before their holiday, they will find it hard to use the holiday as a quick fix for their sleep schedule. Instead, we should be looking at holidays as an ideal time to implement better sleep habits, to prevent the sleep debt that was built up in the first place, so bear this in mind when you’re thinking of that lie in you’ve been yearning for! [Star2]

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Could 3d printing be the cure for sleep apnea?

Sleep Apnea isĀ a condition where air passage is blocked during sleep either causing snoring or in extreme cases stopping breathing completely. Recently, an Australian company named Oventus has used innovative 3d printing technology to create a unique appliance for each individual by scanningĀ their mouths to fit them with a special mouth guard preventing the symptoms of the condition…This could be the future for combatting Sleep Apnea! [3D Printing Industry]

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Can’t sleep? Random images can help your worried mind:

We’ve all been there. Those moments watching the clock, restlessly turning over in bed trying to drift off. Sleep doesn’t always come easy, however a Canadian researcher may have a solution that is surprisingly simple. The solution he has named “Cognitive Shuffle” is a technique that simply involves thinking of one random image after another, preventing your mind from focussing on any worries or events that have happened during the day, and easing you off to sleep…It’s so simple that it could just work! [CTV News]

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The bedtime doll so popular that parents are battling it out on Ebay after it sells out in stores:

The Lulla doll is a new type of doll for babies and young kids, helping them to get to sleep easier with its heartbeat and breathing sound mimics, lulling the kids into thinking they are next to their parent. The doll has been such a success in Australia, that it has already sold out, prompting bidding wars on Ebay and even Facebook to emerge due to the lack of supply. Despite being described as having “breathing like Darth Vader”, the doll’s success with parents is testimony to its effectiveness in lulling babies to sleep, and most of them would agree that the inflated prices are worth that peace and quiet! [The Daily Telegraph]




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