Thursday, June 30, 2016 by David Tuck The Weekly Snooze 30/06/16

Your weekly update of sleep, technology and wellness news from Leesa!

The Weekly Snooze 30/06/16

Your weekly update of sleep, technology and wellness news from Leesa!

Why do we get the best sleep of the week on Tuesday nights?

Everyone loves that blissful Sunday morning lie-in (or at least have fond memories of them!), but a new study has shown that actually our best night of sleep is on a Tuesday. It does seem a little strange seeing as Tuesday is towards the start of the week, and we should be feeling pretty fresh, but actually it is statistically the night where we are most likely to be disturbed by hangovers and rich foods, that reduce the quality of sleep. The study goes on to say that the longest sleeps are at the weekend, but these are often of lesser quality due to weekend activities. Take a look at this summary in the Telegraph to find out more! [Telegraph]

Tuesday word with colorful letter on Wood Background


Sleeping with the fishes? Sleeping with the sharks more like:

As you may or may not know, Sharks and other marine species are not known to sleep in the same way that land animals do, as they would sink to the bottom of the ocean and suffocate. However, this piece of breakthrough footage might have just uncovered the first images of a shark in a ‘sleep like’ swimming trance. The shark, named Emma, was filmed swimming into the currents along the coast of Guadalupe so as to maximise the amount of oxygen rich water entering its mouth and gills, conserving energy whilst in it’s nap like state! Check out the footage in this article from BGR! [BGR]

Aliwal Shoal, Indian Ocean, South Africa, blacktip sharks (Carcharhinus limbatus) swimming in ocean


Is this the piece of tech that finally cures snoring?

A new piece of kit is now available that claims to eradicate or greatly reduce snoring. The “Mute” snoring device works by gripping different parts of your nose to increase the diameter of your nostrils and open your airways to reduce the blockages that cause the sound we know as snoring! So for any sleep deprived couples begging for just one night of silence from their partner, this could be the answer to your prayers! [HighYa]

Snoring man problem.


Why have artists always found sleep such a fascinating subject?

Throughout the history of art, the most talented geniuses with a brush or pencil have always found the subject of sleep fascinating. This article in Huffington Post takes a look at some of the most famous pieces of work that depict sleep, delving into the endless possibilities of a dream world, from Goya, to Van Gogh and Rousseau to Fuseli, the art world sure is full of dreamers! [Huffington Post]

paintbrush painting beautiful landscape


Princess Leia brainwaves may help you learn in your sleep:

To any Star Wars fans expecting a piece of science fiction tech, we apologise…However you may still be interested in this space age discovery of learn-assisting brainwaves that help you improve in your sleep! The brainwaves, coined Princess Leia Waves due to their circular motion that mirrors Carrie Fisher’s hairstyle whilst depicting the inter-galactic princess, are thought to enhance a person’s memory when in deep REM sleep, committing actions and facts to memory whilst resting. Just wait until the empire gets their hands on this! [New Scientist]



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